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Ahri Golden PhotographyI’m Edi Pfeiffer, certified classical homeopath and wellness educator and I’m so glad you made it to my website! Over the last thirty years I have seen the power of homeopathy, nutrition, and my common sense approach to natural health and preventative care make a big difference to my clients. I’m passionate about helping families navigate health care choices and become as healthy as they can be. 

Specializing in Homeopathy for Kids

Are you questioning the use of medications for your little ones? Are you frightened by the side effects of those medications? Would you rather not go through the frustration of taking them to urgent care for acute situations that could be dealt with at home?

Feel the confidence and relief of using a medical system that works for colds and flus quickly and effectively and boosts your kids’ immune systems so that the acute illnesses come less often.

Homeopathy is for moms and dads whose kids need help, for parents who want to be the best parents. I work hard to find the correct homeopathic remedy for your child’s emotional issues, learning issues, and immune system problems. We work together to give your child the most wide-ranging opportunities for their long-term growth and happiness.

Specializing in Homeopathy for Women

Anxiety, migraines, back pain, insomnia … virtually every symptom or combination of symptoms that you are experiencing can be treated with a single homeopathic remedy.

Do you want the freedom of vigorous health so you can do the creative, juicy, fabulous things you dream of doing?

If you are ready to feel healthier, stronger, and more emotionally centered, contact me for a consultation. Good health … you can’t live without it.


The State of California does not offer licenses in homeopathic medicine, and Edi Pfeiffer is not a physician. Homeopathy is alternative and complementary to healing arts that are licensed by the State of California. Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code (commonly known as the Medical Practice Act), Edi may offer services in homeopathy as long as she meets certain requirements and restrictions, which are described here.